BLOG: A behind-the-scenes look at 'Parker's Trail' Guyana 3



Pioneering Filming Style

The production methods and stylistic filming techniques that were used to execute this show were genuinely pioneering, which added another level of excitement and interest to the production. Sam Brown, a very close friend of mine and the on-screen embedded Producer/Director, came up with an idea that each of the four main on-screen characters should have a camera on their chest which looked out to the jungle. The cameras would record their audio and POV (Point of View), pretty much, 24/7. Quite a tall order and strong demand to make, but Sam likes to push the boundaries. A challenge only fit for somebody nearing technical genius with a skill to make it into a reality. Step up, John Livesey. Not only did he make these devices with his own hands, he tended, repaired, and maintained them for the whole shoot in the middle of nowhere with none of the comfy support of the internet and stores… Oh, and he flew the drone…. And handled all the mini-cams… And a whole bunch of extra slow-motion work and god knows what else. Along with his trusted steed, Jake Martin, the pair managed the impossible.

This set-up allowed us as the crew to act as a kind of a follow-up team. We would essentially stand back from what was happening and allowed the action to play out from a distance. It helped with the natural feel of the whole experience and the story unfolded and developed without us having to be there all the time. The set-up also helped cover different perspectives of each crew members, which allowed us to catch up on the events and talk about them the next day. It provided an opportunity for us to re-engage with each other to find out about the struggles, opinions, and developments occurring within our group of intrepid miners. How Karla was putting up so valiantly with a bunch of stinking boys stricken with illness, how Parker was dealing with, well, being Parker, and how Rick was getting on with his phobia of spiders—this place had the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen. This jungle is a home to the Goliath tarantula, and that’s not even the biggest spider…

This article originally appeared in the April 2018 edition of Be Inspired by Discovery Adventures