NEWS: Full Tilt CoFounders become Ambassadors for Discovery Adventures


Nick O'Meally and Dan Etheridge, cofounders of Full Tilt, are excited to have been taken on as Ambassadors for Discovery Adventures. They will be looking behind-the-scenes and sharing knowledge from some of the Discovery Channel programmes they have worked on.

A taster from Dan's blogs on Parker's Trail here:

"I don’t think I’ve ever worked on anything so eventful, and it got to the point where so much was happening that hectic became the norm. The atmosphere became intense and I had a crackling expectation to it. Tempers were frayed, tears were shed, and there were actions more intense than any season of Gold Rush I’ve worked on. This season embodied incident after incident, and all with a hefty helping of no-one having a clue of what was coming next. In a word, it was awesome right up until the very last moments of shooting. It was one of those rare shoots that once it was over, everybody sat around looking at each other in slight disbelief at what had just happened. You immediately feel separated from reality and look back on the time with a slight feeling that it’s a story that has happened to somebody else who has told it to you."

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Gold_Rush_Season 1_Discovery_NickOMeally

“There’s a bunch of miners and out of work guys intent on heading into the wilds of Alaska to look for gold. Fancy coming along to document their story?” From humble beginnings, to million dollar seasons, read Nick O'Meally's blog on the first season of Gold Rush.